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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I'm back with full of love with my love one♥

      Hey guys it's been a while i didn't update the blog .Soooo, Our relationship goes stable,strong ,happy and even sad sometimes but we've been together for 5 months already. 1 more months and it's half year , we do argue sometimes for some stupid things and we fix it together at the end.Some other people may not trust our relationship and say that we're just flirting around. But, I'm sorry to say this is not a game or a flirt relationship. I walk a long way with her, stay with her, help her, stay strong with her and at the end we got happiness and a strong relationship. We miss each other every minutes every seconds, we talk for hours in the midnight everyday.Some people having relationship problems like distance too far, arguments and so on.But for us, distance is not the problem for us.

 It’s like the world’s closing around us and we’re doing just fine.
Even if it pulls us apart, cuz we’ll still be alright.
I know we’ll be together after two worlds collide, no matter how far we are from each other, There’s no distance from you and I. ♥
          Although every time we meet each other we do appreciate the time together. When we say bye to each other at the end of that day we still miss each other like crazy even just a minute away. That's our relationship , Stupid, cute, angry, arguments, play together ,chat stupid stuff, funny stuff and many thing ells.  The funniest thing for her is we went to tesco to shopping, bought some NUTELLA her favorite and some milk. It's been a while when the last movie with her. She's planning for movies with me,hahaha how cute she is? Everyone do get hurts , but u just have to find someone worth hurt for . For me , She's the one i worth hurt for. Although sometimes she hurt me but i still love her with my heart. A relationship meant to be together will never separate so easily . However we still stay strong for each other, facing problems together, fix it together , and built perfects together and enjoy the life till old together.

Woohoo happy family =D

You see her!! Like A BosS!! hahaha.

                 We do enjoy taking some stupid pose picture.And laugh at each other haha, we ate dinner together and i'm just too hungry at first and i bought all those delicious food which i feel like eating but then at the end we couldn't finish the food at the end. So wasted btw, I took picture using her i pad for some baby picture. It's so funny that she can't even stop laughing , Pity me rite? haha. .

Soooo Here we go for the baby~ baby~ baby~ ohhhh~

     So is it cute? hahaha! I told my mom my gf pregnant and born the baby already.And the baby look exactly like me and then i show my mom this picture she laugh like don't know how to say.haha .This picture really funny la for me..haha.. so stupid.hahaha. So darling i wanna tell you that we can make it till the end , till we're old so stay strong together my beloved future wife. Iloveyou with my heart <3

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